About me

     Hi. I’m Beth and I am blessed!  My husband and I are still learning and loving this married life.   We are parents to three sons and a daughter with special needs. It has been a  fun-filled, heart-breaking, hang- on-for your-life, God filled ride. Like surviving the free fall on a roller coaster, suddenly  we can breathe.  We have hit the  stretch of track between the dips.  White knuckled and out of breath,  we notice the scenery. The landscape hasn’t changed..just our view. Looking behind seeing where we have been and what has helped. Straining  to  catch glimpses of what’s ahead to plan our strategy. My goal here is to encourage you to fully engage in your own ride.  I suggest you  fasten your seat belt and hold on to each other for whatever comes next.   Squeeze tight, pray hard, remember you bought the ticket..and together let’s experience the thrill of it all.